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Wit by Margaret Edson.

Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre, October 2019.

Vivian Bearing is 50 and in her prime. She has dedicated her life to deciphering and interpreting the metaphysical poetry of John Donne and is a highly respected Professor at the height of her career as an English literary scholar. But she’s just found out she’s dying.


This powerfully imagined play is cuttingly funny and beautifully poignant. It is not primarily a play about cancer, nor about the wit of John Donne – it is a play about the value of human warmth, the balance between head and heart; a play about life, not death. Twenty years after winning the Pulitzer Prize, Wit is as powerful and relevant as ever – to all of us.


Director Helen Tonkin
Set and Lighting Designer Victor Kalka
Music and Sound Designer Adam Jones
Costume and Properties Designer Kaitlyn Symons
Stage Manager Maddison Huber
Poster Image Daniel Regan Photography


Cheryl Ward as Vivian Bearing
Chantelle Jamieson as Dr Jessica (Jason) Posner
Yannick Lawry as Harvey Kelekian/Mr Bearing
Hailey McQueen as Susie Monahan
Jan Langford- Penny as E.M. Ashford
Matt Abotomy as Lab Technician/Clinical Fellow/Student

Nyssa Hamilton as Lab Technician/Clinical Fellow/Student

Shan-Ree Tan



“Director Helen Tonkin, with needle-sharp instincts for the topography of Vivian’s story, has surrounded Ward with a cast who have a superb command of the style of the play. It is a production to leave one refreshed, wandering off into the night with a positive outlook in recognition of a wonderful performance and a truthful, artistic rendering of a difficult and much too common story."

Reviews by Judith.

"This spare and moving production... balances the cerebral and emotional facets of a very fine play just about perfectly."


Jason Blake Audrey Journal

"Actor Cheryl Ward does outstanding work in the lead role, intricate with her renderings and persuasive with her assertions... impressively flexing her muscles, cerebral and sentimental, to ensure that we connect with all of Wit‘s meaningful dimensions. Nurse Susie is played memorably by Hailey McQueen, confident and strong as the character who helps guide us to a state of catharsis."

Suzy Goes See.


Metamorphosis  by Franz Kafka, Adapted by David Farr and Gisli Gardarsson.

Chippen Street Theatre, February 2019.

The Samsa family have their ordinary, everyday lives turned upside down when their son Gregor wakes up transformed into a monstrous insect. Revulsion turns to resentment as they contemplate continuing to reognise Gregor as part of their family. A new adaptation of the iconic Kafka tale; Metamorphosis is highly physical, terrifying and bizarrely comic. As the ordinary and everyday become unusual and hostile, what would it be like to be completely transformed and yet still desperately need to belong?


Director: Amanda Stephens-Lee

Movement Director: Shondelle Pratt

Stage Manager: Maddison Huber

Productions Designer: Lucy McCullough

Lighting Designer: Adam Jones

Assistant: Amy Sole

Mask Maker/Design Assistant: Luke D'Alessandro


Grete: Madeleine Miller

Gregor: Sam Glissan

Father: Yannick Lawry

Mother: Hailey McQueen

Stietl: Victoria Greiner

Fischer: Julian Lawrence



“Clock and Spiel Productions has done a clever thing with Metamorphosis... The production is made comfortable in its surroundings. Utilising the black wideness and hidden dark depth of the stage, the absurdist action is isolated in an endowed domesticity, with a period precision of set and costume...”

Judith Greenaway, Artshub.

“Metamorphosis by Clock and Spiel is a wonderful production confidently directed and beautifully performed.”

Lisa Thatcher.

"This stylish, unconventional and uniquely remarkable play which resonates how ‘a quiet ordinary family life’ can quickly transform into a catastrophic nightmare, should prove to be an enjoyable night out for discerning theatre-goers who demand high quality and thought-provoking stage plays."

Mark Morellini, Alt Media.


Freud's Last Session  by Mark St. Germain.

Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre, November 2018

Freud’s Last Session centres on legendary psychoanalyst – Dr. Sigmund Freud – who invites the young, rising Oxford Don – C.S. Lewis – to his home in London. On the day England enters the Second World War, Freud and Lewis clash passionately about love, sex, the existence of God, and the meaning of life, just weeks before Freud was to take his own. Freud’s Last Session is a deeply touching play filled with humour and exploring the minds, hearts and souls of two of the 20th Century’s most brilliant thinkers as they address the greatest questions of all time.


Director: Hailey McQueen

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Georgiane Deal

Production Design: Tyler Ray Hawkins

Lighting Design: Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Sound Design: Adam Jones

Dr. Sigmund Freud: Nicholas Papademetriou

C.S. Lewis: Yannick Lawry


“There is some truly marvellous acting in this detailed and precise production.”

“The styling of this production is wonderful, with an attention to detail that is museum quality, including

the famous analytic furniture piece, which is as perfectly recreated as the rest of the physical space.”

Judith Greenaway, Artshub.

“Very few theatrical productions (and films) these days seek to engage us intellectually... it is as

important to remember to think and discuss robustly as well as feel, and surely this is a function of theatre.

Director Hailey McQueen gives us a play which challenges us to fully engage our minds, not just our


Kate Stratford, On The Town/Theatre Now

“Lawry is deft as Lewis, his respect of Freud’s work is apparent yet he delves into his own belief system

vigorously. Papademetriou is at his best here: he plays Freud

with meticulous detail from the Austrian accent to the physical tics that abound from the painful mouth

cancer that he suffers from.”

Joy Minter,

The Buzz from Sydney


C.S. Lewis's classic masterpiece, was adapted for the stage by Hailey and saw it's first professional performance in Sydney in October 2015. Two extra performances were added to the season due to unprecedented demand. The production returned in 2016 with a 5 week season showing at Seymour Centre, Sydney, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne and  Canberra Theatre  Centre, Canberra. April  2017 saw the final season at The Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide.


Screwtape: Yannick Lawry

Toadpipe: George Zhao



Director: Hailey McQueen

Set/Costume Design: Isabella Andronos

Sound/Music  Design:  Adam Jones

Lighting Design: Christopher Page

Production/Stage Management: Jessica Gray and Georgiane Deal

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"An affirming welcome surprise of a production, boutique and nuanced in its delivery, thoroughly charming in its concept, The Screwtape Letters is a must... Polished and precise, The Screwtape Letters is unlike anything Sydney has had to offer this past year."


Brodie Paparell

   Broadway World    

"Lawry delivers the text of the letters with great skill and fluency... His performance is flawless... Zhao excels in this role and is a delight to the whole audience."

Philip Edwards

Theatre Press

"The script is brilliant, funny and dark... His Screwtape is brilliant and witty and a tad unhinged, swinging from glee to anger to disgust in seconds... Zhao displays spectacular comedic skills, and his physical work is lively and dynamic."


Alana Kaye

Theatre Now