AUDITION NOTICE - Instructions for Correct Assembly

Instructions For Correct Assembly

By Thomas Eccleshare


Performance dates 29 Nov- 12 December

Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville

(Rehearsals will be organized based on cast availability)


(Actors who can play in the 40-60 age range)

Max (Female)- around 50

Hari (Male)- around 50

Laurie (Female)- around 50

Paul (Male)- around 50


Friday 20th March, 2020

Northside Baptist Church Community Centre

63 Willoughby Rd, CROWS NEST


Profit share arrangement with a minimum payment to be discussed at auditions.


**PLEASE READ BELOW SYNOPSIS AND COMPANY PROFILE** Then, we invite you to send your current CV, HEADSHOT and 50 words around your recent proudest work on stage to We really look forward to receiving your expression of interest. - Hailey and Yannick 


ABOUT US Following on from a sell out run of our first creative venture, we founded Clock and Spiel Productions in 2017. We produce and pioneer new and existing works that inspire life, bring hope and prompt audiences to pose questions with regard to culture, faith and humanity. We want to champion, stage, develop and invest in dramatic works that explore and celebrate life. Our desire is to nurture both artists and audiences in the process and the product. 


The Screwtape Letters, C.S Lewis

Mr Foot, Michael Frayn

Hell Hole, Jo Kadlecek

Freud’s Last Session, Mark St. Germain

Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka

Wit, Margaret Edson


Harry and Max weren’t satisfied with their first attempt at parenthood, so they’re giving it a second go. Only this time they’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee and an easy-to-follow construction manual. They’re certain, as long as they follow it step-by-step, he’s going to be perfect. Or at least more perfect than their previous son Nick was… “This might be a little more complicated than the bed but still, I’m sure it’s the kind of thing we can crack on our own.” Playwright Thomas Eccleshare has shaped an ideally assembled commentary on the human desire to make improvements and the (impossible) commoditisation of perfection.


As Clock and Spiel Productions, we have a mission to produce distinctive works which are culturally daring and truly human both in their process and product.

Instructions for Correct Assembly is a distinctive work premiering at London’s Royal Court theatre in 2018.  Thematically it touches on the often arbitrary line between what we deem acceptable and unacceptable in polite society; our desire to control our environments and those closest to us. It shines a light on our contemporary obsession with the promises of technology to remove all of life’s discomfort and dissatisfaction; our perfectionism and expectations in family dynamics; and our growing need for intimacy in an increasingly individualistic society. In short, can we ever truly love someone we can’t control, and does unconditional love ever really come with no strings attached?

Thomas Eccleshare gives us a pretty sardonic commentary on parenthood as the foundation for this idea of ‘unconditional love’; it examines our humanity and pits our need for convenience against our need for intimacy and the results - in this dystopian tale - are surprising... or are they?

21st century life has produced several generations that might bemoan the prioritising of virtual reality above the ‘IRL’ experience… but seeing that we can’t lurch back to the past, what does this mean for a species that exist to know love and to be loved? Instructions suggests that there may well be a wisdom in harnessing every form of human connection - even digital connection - that’s what will make this idea of a “flat-pack son” comedic, ridiculous and unsettling for our audience as they grapple with these things in the moment.

We intend to use the wryness of this honest and confronting play to illuminate how we often try to mask our deep regret and human pain with distractions, newness, innovation and a sort of ‘counterfeit perfection’ that often then unravels in spectacular (though unsurprising) form. This play is a great vehicle for picking at the stitches of the utilitarian approach our society has around the ethics of social and communal life which can often feel is all sewn up and beyond discussion. Q&A sessions will also allow us to connect with audiences on these issues.

Much of our previous work to date has been classical and cerebral in nature and an immensely edifying experience for our audiences and creative teams alike. With IFCA, we are excited to explore these themes - the guts of the human existential experience - in this curious, contemporary and candidly coarse play.

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