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May's ART

A musical podcast featuring Jonathan Groff (Hamilton) and Jessie Shelton (Hadestown) about a couple who attempts to save their marriage using the '36 Questions' that were designed to make strangers fall in love. When I first heard about it, I was quite skeptical. A podcast... Musical? How would you be able to pull that off? But it just works! Its an absolutely beautiful story filled with great balance of drama and comedy, and the songs are addictive. This 3-part podcast musical brought me on an emotional journey, and left me with so many questions... Just like a good piece of art. Though you can't see anything, I was surprised by how involved your entire body is with this podcast musical. I think I've replayed this at least 3 times since I first heard it. I recommend making a night out of it, snuggled in with a mug of tea listening to 36 Questions.

- Natalie

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