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Molly Sweeney

We are so excited to come back to the theatre with Molly Sweeney this December at Flight Path Theatre!

Having lost her sight at as a child, Molly Sweeney knows the world through touch, sound, taste, and smell. When her hopeful husband and ambitious doctor propose an operation to restore her sight, Molly and those around her begin to understand that things may not actually be as they appear. Brian Friel, Ireland’s master storyteller, brings us a riveting contemporary drama about the unexpected consequences of a medical miracle. This rarely performed poetic tale weaves together all three characters’ perspectives. Through a journey of memory, hope and despair, the play begs us to not only see, but also understand other people’s points of view.

Cast/Creatives: Produced by Clock and Spiel Productions - Hailey McQueen and Yannick Lawry Directed by: Hailey McQueen Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Natalie Low Music Composition: Luke Craig Costume Design: Anjelica Murdaca Set Design: Hailey McQueen Accent and Voice Coach: Linda Nicholls-Gidley Lighting Design: Dany Akbar

Molly Sweeney: Grace Naoum Frank Sweeney: Matt Abotomey Mr. Rice: Yannick Lawry

Tickets available here:

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